Catch Me at My Best cards will ship in early May and should arrive no later that May 15. You'll need to order cards by March 22 to ensure delivery before the program starts.

Prizes & Winners!

This year, 30 Catch Me participants will be selected to receive a USD $50 gift card. See below for prize details. Please note that these prizes are meant to supplement, not replace, any prizes offered at your location. We recommend having low-cost prizes on hand to recognize your Catch Me champions. To purchase Catch Me-specific merchandise, click here. You can also use no-cost recognition tools from the Recognition Website, like customizable certificates.

Prize Details

  • 30 winners will be selected.
  • Winners in North America will receive a USD $50 Amazon gift card. Winners outside of North America will receive a USD $50 Visa debit card.
  • Winners will be selected from the following categories:
    • Best practices. How are you celebrating Catch Me? What are you doing to recognize your champions? From fun themes and party ideas to unique prizes and contests, share your stories. We’ll be recognizing our favorite ideas each month. Let us know.
    • Catch Me selfies. Post a photo of one or more Team Members holding their catches or celebrating Catch Me on social media using #catchme19. We’ll be checking Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and more. Note that images must be posted to a business page, such as your hotel Facebook page, and will not be pulled from personal pages.
    • Favorite catches. Got a particularly memorable catch worth sharing? Send it our way for a chance to win beginning June 1.
  • General Managers are not eligible for random prizes (only Team Members who have received or made catches are) but are eligible for prizes in other categories.
  • Winners will be notified by the Hilton Recognition Team.

Best Practice

We All Scream for Ice Cream!
Hilton Garden Inn Danbury, CT, brings in a Mister Softee truck to kick off Catch Me. Team Members pick their team names as they enjoy their ice cream.
View additional best practices and share your own for a chance to win $50.
Catch Me inspires friendly competition, and gives us the opportunity
to recognize all the acts of hospitality — big and small — that make
our company so special.