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Catch Me Merchandise & Artwork

Below, you’ll find resources to purchase card holders, collection boxes, buttons, and other merchandise to promote the program and recognize your team. You can also download printable Catch Me at My Best artwork and create your own custom materials.

Order Card Holders and Collection Boxes
Order Catch Me Buttons and Other Merchandise
Download Catch Me Artwork

Order Card Holders and Collection Boxes

One card holder will be sent to new properties that opened on or after July 1, 2018, provided a card order is placed by the March 23 preorder deadline. Properties that opened prior to July 1 will not receive a card holder. Click here to purchase card holders, collection boxes, and other Catch Me merchandise. International shipping is available.

You can also find card holders and collection boxes at many office supply stores. Or try searching online using the terms “acrylic pamphlet holder,” “literature holder,” or “ballot box.” You can also search “corrugated ballot box” for less expensive cardboard boxes. You’ll need something that holds a 3.625" x 7.5" card (93 mm x 191 mm).

Catch Me Buttons and Other Merchandise

You’ll find the following resources for prizes and merchandise to help you promote the program, recognize your team, and decorate your location.

  • Click here for low-cost 2019 Catch Me merchandise, such as buttons, T-shirts, tote bags, and more. You’ll want to order quickly, as supplies are limited.
  • Or go to Café Press for additional branded Catch Me materials. This option includes a wider selection at a slightly higher cost, but may be more cost effective for some hotels because of lower shipping costs and the limited availability of the previous option.

Catch Me Artwork

You can also download 2019 Catch Me at My Best logo artwork and work with your own vendors to create branded merchandise and promotional materials. Choose from multiple file types.

Download JPG files.
Download EPS files.
Download PNG files.
Download PDF files.

Best Practice

Catch Me SALT Incentive.
Every week, check your SALT scores. Align a specific score or scores to each department. Departments with SALT score increases get a SPECIAL department-wide catch; those with decreases don’t. At the end of Catch Me, the department with the most SPECIAL catches wins.
View additional best practices and share your own for a chance to win $50.
Catch Me inspires friendly competition, and gives us the opportunity
to recognize all the acts of hospitality — big and small — that make
our company so special.